The New Members working group has looked at how best to support and encourage those associations who are in the process of setting up, as well as supporting those who have recently been established. The working group has tried to build on and consolidate the work already done in this group last year.

It seems that what is most helpful is for individual associations to continue hosting events for the spouses/partners from the embassies of new EU member states, as well as the accession and candidate countries, in their capitals. This is generating a network of spouses aware of and interested in spouse/family associations and EUFASA. It is very useful to share as much information as possible, ideally in the form of documents that can be taken away. It is also important to generate a discussion of the issues that are important, and raise awareness that these are the issues that concern EUFASA’s membership. It will be useful to make reference to this website at future meetings, and demonstrate how useful the charts can be to a new association.

This website is useful for associations who are trying to establish themselves, especially having access to the EUFASA charts. It is also hoped to include information and documents generated within this working group, as well as some used last year, in the public area.

Communication between the Chair of EUFASA and the MFA or the Minister of Foreign Affairs of each of the new EU member states has been helpful in the past and should continue as and where possible. For some of the new EUFASA members this might be especially useful in securing financial support from the MFA.


Established members
Recently rejoined member
Recently joined members


Immediately eligible

  • Newly-formed associations
  • Those who have started the process of establishing an association
  • Those who have made little or no progress in forming an association


A new member association should have similar aims to the other EUFASA members.

  • To include the spouses of diplomatic officers of its MFA in its membership, as well as other spouses/partners in its MFA as decided by that association.
  • To be a source of support and information for its members. To identify the needs of its members.
  • To liaise with its MFA on issues of importance on behalf of its members.

When a new association has been established and recognised by their MFA they should contact the Chair of EUFASA.

The Chair will take note of their contact details and inform the EUFASA membership of their interest in becoming a member.

The Chair will provide the new member association with the details of the next Conference.


  • Has invited them to Conferences as observers since 2000 in Stockholm.
  • In Athens Hungary was allocated time to describe the genesis of their newly-formed association.
  • As well as the three new member state associations who attended Dublin 2004 as full EUFASA members, seven new EU members and two of the three candidates attended Dublin 2004 as observers and were invited to actively partake in the session on the EU accession states.
  • In Athens a working group was established to explore ways to help new associations set up. Has encouraged associations to hold events in their capitals to share information with spouses about EUFASA and individual associations.
  • Has generated, updated and circulated a list of those who have attended these events in an effort to create a network of spouses.
  • Has encouraged individual associations to send copies of newsletters and other documents to new members.
  • Working group has continued for another year, encouraging associations to host another round of events.
  • Prague Conference – DSFA in conjunction with the Czech Foreign Ministry held a two day Conference in October 2003 for Human Resources personnel to raise awareness of the importance of good family policy in the MFA and the need for a spouse/family association.
  • Letter was sent by Chair of EUFASA to the Foreign Ministers of all the EU accession states describing EUFASA and encouraging them to send a delegate to Dublin.
  • In autumn 2004 a follow up letter was sent to attendees of Prague Conference asking for an update.
  • This website allows new members, and their MFA’s, access to more information about EUFASA including the EUFASA charts.