Between 1980 and 1983 informal meetings of Spouses Associations of Ministries of  Foreign Affairs were organized by the FFD (the German Association) and by Alloquium  (the Belgian Association).

In the first semester of 1985, when Italy had the Presidency of the so called  “European Political Cooperation” (the EEC was then composed  by 12 Countries), the Italian Spouses Association,  having acknowledged through a questionnaire sent  to the representatives of all EEC spouses Associations, the analogies and the similarities of the problems affecting all diplomatic services families, conceived and organized a meeting to be attended by a representative of each existing European Association

A “Symposium” centered  on the “European Dimensions in the Diplomatic Service – Family implications” was  organized and held in Rome on June 10th, 1985, in the historical  Villa Madama.  All the existing EEC Spouses Associations were represented by delegates from 10 European capitals and, in addition, representing  the French diplomats’ spouses, a delegate from the “Bureau d’ Information” . Presentations were  prepared by the Italian Association and discussed during the meeting.