Current Research Projects

Current Research Projects

Gender and Identity in a Turbulent Space and Time: An Interview Study of Dual-Career Diplomatic Couples

Led by Dr Linn E. Zhang, this research investigates how gender and identity impact transnational employment. More specifically the study investigates how dual-career diplomatic couples navigate challenges relating to career identity and gender. It aims to provide understanding on how gender roles and career identities are enacted, challenged and negotiated within a rigid institutional framework that demands compliance with strict rules of conduct. The research is conducted in cooperation with academics from Loughborough University London, King’s College London and Aarhus University.

Gender and Diplomacy: Explaining Variations in Woman Ambassador Appointments

This research focuses on institutional and extra-institutional factors that may explain why some European countries appoint more women ambassadors than others. These factors include the socio-economic (in)dependence of the accompanying spouse or partner of the MFA officer. This project is conducted in cooperation with researchers from the Institute of International Relations in Prague and the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Divorce and separation: learning lessons for better support of partners and spouses

Based on in-depth interviews with previous foreign service spouses who went through divorce, this study seeks to determine what both spouses/partners and also MFAs can learn from their experiences.