Geneva 2016



Legal Status of the Diplomatic Spouse and Partner
Portugal (Head), France, Switzerland, Ireland

  • Proposal to draft an EUFASA Declaration of Rights of the Diplomatic Spouse/Partner

EUFASA Welcome Team (EWT)
Germany (Head), Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal

  • Templates for EWT Post Reports
  • EWT Post Reports to date

Work and Employment
Switzerland (Head), Austria, France

  • The Universal Right to Work includes MFA Spouses and Partners
  • Employment opportunities for MFA Officers’ spouses/partners
  • EUFASA Job Database

Achievements and Setbacks of EUFASA Associations
Portugal (Head), EU

  • Associations reports
  • Recommendations to the MFAs

Making Associations more attractive for Future Generations
EU (Head), Spain, Portugal, Finland, Austria and the Netherlands

  • Survey by Spanish association

EUFASA Website and Web Solutions (EWWS)

Switzerland (Head), Austria, EU, Finland, UK

  • EUFASA Website, Intranet and Job Database to be relaunched in 2017

Guest Presentation
How to Lobby an Administration:
Recommendations to spouse associations and Ministries for Foreign Affairs