Riga 2015



EUFASA Welcome Team
Germany & Portugal (Heads), Estonia, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland

  • Survey results of members’ experiences when arriving in new posts abroad and coming home

Italian Pilot Project for Diplomatic Families Virtual Community www.postitinitaly.com

Social and Economic Implications of Death, Disability and Divorce
(Follow up on EUFASA Lisbon Conference 2000)
France, the Netherlands

  • Purpose, objectives and results of the new survey
  • Best Practices

EUFASA Work and Employment (EWE)
Switzerland (Head), Austria, Cyprus, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy and Spain

Dual Career Initiatives

    • Double Postings
    • EUFASA Job Platform
    • Accompanying Persons Social Security System (AP SSS)
    • Accompanying Persons (AP) Basic Old Pension and Disability
    • Social Insurance on Private Basis
    • Unemployment and Social Welfare

Associations Achievements: Milestones and Initiatives

    • Bilateral Work Agreements

Social Security System

    • Testimonies for self-employed Accompanying Persons (AP)

Professional Mobility and Networking with LESA

  • Issues concerning Mobility of Professional Careers and Networking with Organisations like LESA in the Private Sector
  • LESA – The model and how EUFASA can use it
  • Irish Association IFAFA experience with these issues

Contemporary Diplomatic Spouses-Partners
Austria and Switzerland (Heads), Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain

  • Swiss FDFA Accompanying Persons Policy
  • Recommendation for recognition of the legal/professional status of Accompanying Persons, spouses and partners.


Building the Bridges

Zanda Grauze, Director, Personnel Department, Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Invited Family Officers

Guest Speakers

Mrs Linda Hoeben, Coach and Expert on Intercultural Communication, Belgium

  • What the Fire Remembers
    A talk about People on the Move and their need for real contact:

Ineta Ziemele, Judge of the Constitutional Court of Latvia,

  • The Many Roles of Diplomatic Spouses:
    Spouses as Active Participants in a Civil Society of the Sending State