Madrid 2023



The 39th Annual EUFASA Conference in Madrid, held on 5th and 6th of June, 2023, had several key highlights:

Mental Health Review: The conference addressed the mental health challenges of children in Foreign Service families, particularly those adapting to an itinerant lifestyle. A presentation on third culture kids (TCKs) shed light on this issue.

Employment Guidance: A reference guide was discussed to help Foreign Service Families with employment issues during postings abroad, with a focus on remote work, social security, healthcare, and tax implications.

UN Agenda 2030: The conference emphasized sustainability goals, with a particular focus on areas like health, clean energy, responsible consumption, climate action, and partnerships for the goals. The goal was to collaborate and contribute to achieving these SDGs.

Research and Policy: The EUFASA AISBL Working Group Research Department (ERD) translated research into actionable policy recommendations. Projects included studies on dual career models and equality, pensions, social security, and a paper on burnout and resilience.

Collaboration with Family Officers: A session brought together Family Officers (FOs) from 12 EUFASA AISBL Member States to explore ways FOs and Associations can provide support to diplomatic spouses

These highlights capture the conference’s commitment to addressing the unique challenges faced by Foreign Service families, promoting sustainability, and fostering collaboration among member Associations.